Luca cabinet making
Construction covered in teak


Luca Cabinet making is a company that is born in 2006 from ultra thirty-year the familiar passion of the siblings Carmelo and Nunzio Luca for the wood working. Situated to the slopes of the Etna in a charming panorama between earth, sea and fire, it enjoys the benefits of optimal a climate mild and ventilated for maturity and working of the teak. The purely handicraft working is turned to having the maximum cure in the details. Been born as carpenters and being based on the experience handed on from old artisan masters have constructed for ten-year-old furnitures, doors, windows and how much other could be constructed with the wood. Their accidental encounter with the nautical field has become in a short time the new field of primary action. In fact with humility, engagement and passion are successful to reach optimal qualitative levels in the production of covered in teak prefabricated. Attention to the choice of the material until from the purchase they prefer to only use log in teak first quality. The company has 800 sqm. of laboratories and 1800 sqm. in the open air for storage and the drying of the teak reduced to thickness.

The objective of the Company is that to supply finished product of high level through a handicraft process of quality working.

Luca cabinet making - via of basalts, 4 Paternò 95047 Catania - Tel. 095 851845 Cell. 340 6144329 email