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Construction covered in teak


As it is famous the wood is a used natural material until from the origins in order constructing and forming useful objects to the daily life. Difficultly to replace with material of modern construction with a not indifferent environmental impact, the wood with virtues and defects, succeeds to donate forms, colors and extraordinary feelings. Clearly having the concept that being the specific wood and if teak a material alive and subject to light movements based on the humidity and the jolts of temperature (excessive warmth or cold), the processes of workings must be accurate and meticulous.
Until from the purchase we select teak first quality exclusively. Most important it is maturity of the teak, prerogative difficult to find on the seen market the demanded elevated one is and the necessary times for a good process of drying of the wood that varied from the 4 to the 5 years. Our company in order to obviate to this problem reduces the dimensions of the log in teak adapting the spessori to the measures that will follow the production of blankets. Practically they are sawed the log and let drain to the open air and regular intervals, and the wood is bathed so that the drying process is completed in all its phases, accomplice characteristic the mild climate of the area in which we find ourselves.
The phase of construction is preceded by that of survey of the dimes. Bringing to us physically on board of the boat in which the blanket in teak will have to be constructed, we find the dimes that they copy the irregular forms of the base on which the blanket will come mail. This procedure that at first sight could seem antiquated and not online with the systems of modern survey, is in reality a simple but at the same time much precise one technique, approvals the almost null margins of error. In fact the blanket in teak is sewn to the hull in impeccable way like a sartorial job.
After to have found the dimes it begins the job of construction preceded from an analysis of the possible problems that they could be introduced in phase of construction and therefore upstream tries to plan all in order to realize a good ones producing. Our production is entirely handicraft and consequently we do not make use of I use it of computerized machinery. Every single piece that exits the linear and manually constructed form with the aid of calipers, team and pencil. In fact using material soft for the working we create numbered infinity of dime that, they will come successively overlapped and copied on the teak, than as a jigsaw puzzle joins and forms lateral communication trenches, bows, fly, traps, etc… Regarding the gommatura besides to use the best ones produced on the market, we have put into practice a technique that avoids the laminated resin glue joint or in the internal part of the teak and that it almost leaves entirely the free wood for the successive glue joint on board, so resuming the technique of old masters copertai that they glue the blanket piece by piece.
Our job has lived with passion and respects the handicraft tradition of the old masters from whose experience we have drawn giovamento in order to melt last entirety and anticipates.
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